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Improve Your Wellness and Self-Efficacy

Connect to Your Community and Identity

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Improve Your Relationship to Work

These two self-guided workbooks will enable you to improve your Wellness and Self-Efficacy by helping you incorporate new habits and routines into your everyday life that can support you in feeling well in your mind and body, and confident in your capacity to do hard things.





These two self-guided workbooks will enable you to connect deeper to a Community that supports as you move forward in life, and feel grounded in your Identity and have a deep sense of self as you chase your goals and dreams. 


This self-guided workbook will help unpack what led us to where we are when it comes to the role of Work in our lives. You'll ask yourself: what might it look like to work sustainably? What are my identities outside of work and productivity? What does success actually mean to me?


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Complete Workbook Set

Dive into your Work, Wellness, Self-Efficacy, Community, and Identity.

Get all five self-guided workbooks to help you shift your relationship to Work, create Wellness habits that build on your Self-Efficacy, connect to your Community, find your support systems, and root into your Identity and values that shape your goals and dreams.

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Self-Coaching Guide


Get a workbook, journal prompts, and a meditation to help you break through your blocks in life and work.


Gain clarity on how you’re currently feeling, and what you most want and need moving forward.

Your Best Year

includes workbooks, trainings, meditations, planning templates & more!

Using a simple yet strategic, three-part framework, you'll get the clarity and confidence to create actionable (yet flexible!) plans that will help you make this your best year yet. 

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Get the tools, frameworks and accountability you need to make your big goals a reality, no matter what life throws your way. 


Picture Your Potential

Based on  research-backed goal-setting strategies, this course is designed to help you dive into your intentions for the month and quarter ahead, learn the basics of creating a digital vision board and set intentions to help you stay motivated and on track toward your goals and dreams.

Create your Digital Dream Board, a tool to help you visualize your goals and dreams in a beautiful, thoughtful way.

includes GOAL-SETTING TUTORIAL, meditations, CANVA templates & more!


digital dream board